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The world's leading multi-system electric netting.
Three wiring modes ensure it works perfectly,
even during dry periods.
By fencing the herd, mob or flock and not the paddock,
the farmer gets immense flexibility
in many fencing situations.

Poultrynet 1.2 x 50 meters (close mesh suitable for all poultry) $450
Garden/Pig Net 0.7 x 50 metres (lower/close mesh ideal for pigs) $400

Nets are now shipped with TollIPEC so you need to supply us
with a street address not a PO Box

We urge you to carefully check the specifications and prices of other similar fencing. The fencing we sell is very much better quality than any other brands available in Australia. We also have a most important point of differentiation as we use the fencing ourselves on our own farm and can give advice and help based on our own experience.

Untying a roll of fence Laying out the fence Putting up the fence

Untying a 50 metre roll of fence

Laying out the fence

Putting up the fence

On our farm we use Electriic Netting Fence for controlling laying hens and pigs on pasture and protecting them from dogs, foxes and other four-legged predators. We also use it to control hens when they are moved onto spent vegetable areas to fertilise the ground and clean up plant residue.

Masterfence is 1.2 metres high and comes in 50 metre long rolls. There are 14 horizontal wires. The bottom wire which is in contact with the ground is not electrified. All the other wires are three strand stainless steel and plastic electric twine. These horizontal wires can be energised all positive (earth return) or alternately positive/earth (no earth return required). The horizontal wires are closest together at the bottom and more widely spaced at the top of the fence similar to ringlock sheep fencing. Semi rigid, polycarbonate, vertical stays are spaced every 160mm completing the mesh. 13 plastic fence posts are built into the netting to keep it vertical. The bottom of the posts are fitted with a stepped, double pin steel spike for easy installation and stability. All nets include a repair kit.

Poultrynet is constructed with the verticals 80mm apart giving a smaller mesh size than Masterfence . In all other aspects it is identical to masterfence. Poultrynet is the preferred electric netting fence for all poultry however mature birds. muscovy ducks and geese who have been trained to Poultrynet can be moved on into Masterfence. Poultrynet is essential to the Salatin Day Range system of growing meat chickens.

Garden/Rabbit/Puppy net we use this lower, net around our vegetable garden when we have problems with rabbits. It is easy to move, we can step over it without having to turn the energiser off and it keeps rabbits and dogs off the beds. Garden/Rabbitnet is also a good choice for containing ducks. It is identical to Starterfence but is only 0.7 metres high.

Electranets are the most useful tool for the farmer. In addition to the use we put them to they can also be used for:
  • controlled grazing (rationed grazing) sheep, goats, cattle or geese on permanent or temporary pasture
  • "instant" fence for subdividing grazing of forage crops
  • conservation of new tree and shrub plantings from the predation of herbivores
  • portable boundary fence to force sheep, goats and small cattle breeds to lawn mow around sheds, machinery, vehicles, etc.
  • protecting sheep and goats from predators (foxes, dogs, feral pigs)
  • "instant" pen for poddy lambs/kids
  • strip grazing sod between tree and vine rows in orchards and vineyards
  • protecting stored feed (bales, round bales) from stock
  • subdividing and controlling pigs on pasture
  • constructing lambing enclosures which are safe from predators
  • portable small grass enclosures to reliably separate rams, bucks, bulls and boars from ewes, does, cows and sows
  • protecting beehives from stock
  • short-term fencing so sheep, goats and cattle can safely graze the roadside (long paddock)
  • protecting vegetables, flowers and young trees from wildlife and stock (kangaroos, wallabies, possums, rabbits, goats, cows, sheep stock.)
  • "instant" pen for geese and ducks that cannot fly
  • difficult zoo situations
  • keeping nuisance animals off golf courses.

Sheep in an electranet fence

Ewes and lambs in a secure enlosure

Controlled grazing cattle

Cattle in an electranet fence

Hens in an electranet fence

Chickens on pasture
with a light, mobile coop

More Information On Uses For Electric Netting Fences

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General Information On Electric Fencing

    • Getting Started with Electranets Masterfence
    • Using Electranets Safely

Instructions For Using Electric Fencing

    • Erecting the fence
    • Energising the fence
    • Dismantling the fence
    • Fault finding

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Electric Netting Fence                 

Nets are now shipped with TollIPEC so you need to supply us
with a street address not a PO Box


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