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Instructions For Erecting An
Electric Netting Fence

1)   Drive up the proposed fence line with a tractor, ute, ATV, slasher or mower to flatten or cut any grass or vegetation higher than 100mm (4 inches).

2)   Pick up the first roll of netting and untie the green strings.

3)   Hold the posts as a bundle and drop the netting.

4)   The electranet can be started anywhere, adjacent to a wall or fence or in the middle of a paddock. In this case a plastic star picket is being driven in as the starting post for the fence. A steel post must be insulated by slipping a length of 50 mm (2 inch) poly irrigation pipe over it.

5)   Insert the white post with the green strings attached to it into the ground at your starting point. Push all posts in with the foot or a hammer, on the metal part of the post. Do not push on the plastic part of the post.Then tie the supapost using the green strings (do not allow any metal to touch the electric twines of the netting.)

6)   Pick up the remaining posts and walk up the mown or flattened track across the paddock, releasing each post in turn.

7)   When you come to the end of the netting pull the last post to tension the fence and insert it. Walk back along the fence and push in all the posts.

8)   To join the next roll and continue the fence, untie the next bundle of netting, and using the post with the green strings, insert it into the ground next to the last post of the previous roll and tie the two post together with the green strings.

Be sure to join both sets of aluminium connectors by pushing them into one another.Do not use pliers. Both aluminium clips must be connected - orange to orange, black to black. They must never be crossed over.

9)   Any post can be used as a corner post by simply attaching a guy line and pegs for any directional change. Some people will prefer to use a star picket insulated with a length of poly pipe, an Insul-timber post or a heavy fibreglass post - it really is a matter of preference (or availability).

10)   All surplus fence must be erected, but do not double it back so that it lies against itself as this will cause the live wires to touch earth wires and the fence will not work.

The fence must be energised for it to contain stock and/or predators.

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