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Beyond Organic 2007 - Photos

Here are some of the photos taken during the lectures and workshops by Eliot Coleman & Barbara Damrosch
at Allsun Farm in the Southen Tablelands of NSW
and Coriole Vineyards in the McLaren Vale region of SA

The idea was to bring together people who dream of growing food. It didn't matter whether it was to be in a small way for themselves or on a larger scale as market gardeners, what we wanted to offer was an opportunity to learn. We wanted to invite people into our own garden at Allsun Farm so that we could introduce them to two friends and mentors who have an enormous wealth of knowledge about both domestic and commercial production of vegetables. We also wanted to share Barbara and Eliot's love of life and the daily enjoyment they get from sharing their harvest at their table. These workshops were not only to be about getting dirt under the fingernails, the dream also included the experience of savouring food in full view of the garden that produced the bounty on the plate.

Coriole immediately came to mind as a second venue. Why not take Barbara and Eliot to the heart of one of Australia's great food producing regions? Mark and Libby Lloyd are deeply committed to a 'Slow' approach to food. Coriole not only produces excellent wine it offers some of the best olives grown in Australia, verjus, vinegar, olive oil, some vegetables and is directly connected to Woodside Cheesewrights.

Coriole is also within a stone's throw of one of Australia's most amazing Farmer's Markets. Willunga Farmer's market is an inspiring model for anyone who would like to see farmers markets really succeeding in this country. But do they have enough local vegetable growers? The anwswer is no. So why not take two of the western world's most innovative and experienced vegetable growers to South Australia to run some workshops and along the way allow them to see more of our beautiful country.

Did we succeeded. Yes we did - just look at the photographs! But is there more to do? Of course, it's always easy to preach to the converted, it's also simple (and a pleasure) to give people a good time, but are there enough intensive, organic, vegetable growers to supply the population of Adelaide or Canberra? Or are there enough Australians using their precious supply of water to grow food instead of grass or flowers? And by the way, what is the problem with using edible plants as a celebration of life and the landscape?

Vegetables, herbs and fruit trees outside the kitchen door at Allsun Farm, March 2007

For more information about Allsun Farm, Coriole Vinyards and Australia's Open Gardens scheme visit the following websites:
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