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Gundaroo School Project

CLICK HERE to open the Gundaroo Public School Vegetable growing project - a must for anyone interested in starting a school vegetable garden. (this link will open in its own window)

Eliot Coleman & Barbara Damrosch - Beyond Organic 2007

We took a number of photos when Eliot Coleman & Barbara Damrosch were in Australia presenting the Beyond Organic workshops in March 2007 CLICK HERE to get to the slide shows (this link will open in its own window)

Making & Using Soil Blocks

If you are thinking about investing in a soil blocker download a reprint of David Tresemer's comprehensive booklet on the subject. Transplants In Soil Blocks CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (4.3mb pdf) (best viewed in Adobe Acrobat at 125%)

Looking After Yourself & Your Tools

At the end of the day when you walk out of your garden or commercial vegetable farm are you unable to resist the urge to turn round and gaze at what you have just done? Does a huge self satisfied smile linger on your face or do you grit your teeth, head for the house swearing that growing food is just an expensive, exhausting chore?

There is no question that tilling the soil and caring for plants is hard physical work but it should always be enervating not debilitating. By caring for your body, your most versatile and precious tool, choosing the right implement for any given job and looking after all the hoes, blades and other tools you have in your shed you will find that growing food is like any hard work out - tiring but good.

CLICK HERE for a few tips on ergonomic tools and how to care for them.

Planting Calendar for Temperate Australia

This is a planting calendar that we have developed at Allsun Farm. It was originally in the form of a wall calendar but over the years we have realised that printing it out on monthly cards which can be put in your pocket it a better idea.

We make notes on the cards and print a new set out every year so the cards double as both a diary and a calendar.

CLICK HERE to download the cards as a prinable PDF file.

Michael Plane
& Joyce Wilkie
Allsun farm
Gundaroo NSW 2620
ph 02 6236 8173

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